Victor Sidorchev recently became

Victor Sidorchev recently became

Victor Sidorchev recently became first deputy head of the regional administration. He was born in Bashkiria. From 1978 to 1994 he lived and worked in Nizhnevartovsk . He worked his way up from a locksmith first secretary of the city committee . In the early 90s Sidorchev created the first Russian oil exchange . In 1996 he worked in the administration Rutskoi as first deputy governor. In 1999 – in the administration of the Kaliningrad Governor Gorbenko . After the first meeting last summer visiting fellow Shamans general said of him that ” with this man , he would have gone to explore .” Ulyanovsk on elections they were in the same team . Sidorcheva family lives in Moscow. He has two daughters . In an interview with ” Today Ulyanovsk ” Victor Sidorochev his main functions called “all financial and economic activity .”

15.01.2001 14:19

Ecological Action ” Dead Forest – 2001 .”

” Dead wood – 2001″ – the so – called ecological event , which was held in Ulyanovsk Zavolzhsky district youth committee . Tomorrow , the committee members will pass on all the yards Zavolzhja , collect discarded after the holidays , pine and spruce and transferred them to the city dump trucks . In addition, within the action plan to the youth rally on the square in front of the House communications and pass the column through the avenues of the Lenin Komsomol and Friendship of Peoples in New Town .

Victor Sidorchev recently became

15.01.2001 14:21

In the city administration officials will no longer be the personal transport. In Ulyanovsk administration officials will no longer be the personal transport. Reported the press service of the city administration. According to her , the mayor of Ulyanovsk Paul Romanenko intends to introduce a new scheme for the use of official vehicles of City Hall. Instead of fixing the so-called personal cars Romanenko intends to introduce another form – call duty trucks during the day.

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July 5, 2013